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Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to Cornwall...........

I've just returned from two weeks in Penzance.......two weeks without a car and without a cellphone. Two weeks walking and gawking.

Here's a few photos to show my readers what an incredible coastline that surrounds Mounts Bay:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

What can your young scientist find in his/her garden?

Now it's summertime and you've exhausted the indoor science challenges for your young scientists ( making marble runs, flip-flops, helicopters, etc. etc ), here's a challenging list of things for your young scientist(s) to find in the garden around your home, with a simple instruction  "Here, see what you can find outside in the garden."

Hey, don't disturb the area outside your kitchen door. Remember it's home to many tiny creatures.

Can YOU find?

  • Something green?
  • Something red?
  • Something yellow?
  • Something pointy?
  • A blade of grass LONGER than your index finger?
  • An animal track?
  • A pine cone eaten by a squirrel?
  • A pebble smaller than a dime?
  • A pebble the same size as a quarter?
  • A gray pebble?
  •  A spider web?
  • A pillbug?
  • Something a bird would eat?
  • A leaf skeleton?
  • A flower seed?
  • Something really, REALLY cool?
Show your young scientist
how to make a pocket museum (an earlier posting on this blog)

What my brain looks like.......

Found this in my desk today, buried under a wad of papers.......

After working in Jeannine's classroom on some science activities with a group of second graders, Jackson, aged 7, went back to his table, took out a sheet of paper and proceeded to draw. When he'd finished, he showed me what he had been doing. "Look, Mr. Paull, this is YOUR brain!"

I was taken aback. Jackson, it appears,  thought of my brain as an IDEA MACHINE.

He said I was a scientist and when I think about something that catches my eye, I decide either to push it to one side, or to keep thinking about it.  If I like the IDEA, though, Jackson said, it lights up a bulb in my head, and the IDEA gets bigger and bigger. As he talked, he pointed to the picture. "See? That's HOW it lights up!"

Jackson said that I probably think and think about it, and even share the IDEA with my friends, and continue to work and work on it. I won't leave it alone he said. When I have it, the BIG IDEA, that is,  absolutely clear in my brain, Jackson said that I sit, scratch my head, and slowly write everything down that's in my head, draw a few pictures, and send the IDEA and illustrations to a publishing company............:)


For those who know/knew me, do you think Jackson got it right?   :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Things that happened during my lifetime...

As I spend more and more of my time thinking about what has happened during my lifetime, I thought it would be a good idea to list the events that occasionally run through my head - thus not always chronological.

Being a cat lover, I have wonderful memories of Spotty, who spent much of her time hanging out in the back lane:
Spotty............who lived with us in Gwavas Street, Penzance.
This post will be edited frequently as I remember more and more events (a mental activity, I must add,  that usually begins at 3 in the morning!)

I was born in 1942, right in the middle of WW2, but in a fishing village far, far away from the bombing of England's major cities.

I remember......
  • End of the war and sweets going off ration.....buying  some sugary delights on the promenade
  • Seeing and tasting my first banana...
  • Finding my wishing rock and my amber....
  • Sucking OXO cubes at school
  • Listening to Workers' Playtime and boxing on the wireless
  • My first visit with my mum to the library
  • Drinking Corona and Ginger Beer
  • Sucking and crunching tasty sherbert lemons
  • Learning to ride a bike
  • Getting my first bike, second hand from Roger Roach
  • Listening to Dick Barton, Special Agent, Letter from America with Alistair Cooke on the wireless
  • Cutting my ankle wide open when riding down hill in brother Charles' pram
  • Digging lugs and going fishing off the pier
  • Catching my first flounder off the rocks
  • Playing with a knife with Roger Roach when wearing my brother's rugby scarf - got it covered with blood when, accidentally, the knife got stuck in the back of my head
  • Taking the 11+
  • Passing the 11+
  • Getting my first school uniform and cap
  • Playing table tennis at the YMCA - world stars I remember include Johnny Leach and Victor Barna, local stars, Bob Charlesworth, Joe Denley....and, of course, I remember eventually winning the county championship
  • Passing O levels (English Language and Art) at the age of 14
  • My first pair of long pants at 15
  • Driving the milk truck every morning before school (from, I think, the age of around 13)
  • Smoking my first ciggie at 13
  • Having my first pair of long trousers at 14
  • Dad telling me about the big bomb that was dropped on two Japanese cities during the war
  • Seeing my first TV program (Muffin the Mule)
  • Watching Lew Hoad on TV win Wimbledon, then me smashing the front room fancy lampshade as I practiced my serve!
  • Others tennis stars from yesteryear include Tony Trabert, Rod Laver, John Newcombe, Tony Roache, Jimmie Connors, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, and the Brits, Mike Sangster, Roger Taylor - I played both these guys -  Ann Haydn Jones, Virginia Wade
  • Drinking my first pint of beer at 17
  • Mum's dinner of ever-so-tasty Cornish pasties drowned in HP sauce - her chips and her egg and bacon and fried bread breakfasts
  • Going to the annual Whitsuntide Fair at the local reccy - spending pennies from my Grandparent's pub toilets (cost a penny to go and Granddad shared them between me, my brothers and my two cousins), going on the Helter Skelter, flying high on the Big Wheel, driving the dodgems (my favorite) and watching the boxing in the boxing booth
  • Watching Jimmie's friend, John Helson, boxing at the fair, and thus getting enough money for his train ticket to London, prior to his emigration to Canada
  • Up in the big wheel with my friend Dick Hendry
  • Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Alec Douglas-Home, Harold MacMillan, Harold Wilson (Labour)  Callaghan, Ted Heath, Maggie Thatcher, JohnMajor, Tony Blair, Brown, and the current Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron
  • Seeing Cliff Richard and The Shadows at De Montfort Hall in 1960 - much later seeing Mick Jagger
  • Reading about the Holocaust
  • Running my first science workshop for teachers in the USA (my first time ever in a plane)
  • I so remember what I was doing when I heard about the assassination of the President Kennedy - and, sadly, later, his brother.
  • Watching TV as man landed on the moon
  • Being absorbed by Watergate and President Nixon's eventual impeachment
  • Likewise, President Clinton's entanglement with Monica L
  • The Vietnam War and its social impact in the USA
  • I can recall my experience, nasty as it was, with The Black Panthers
  • The Beatles were just beginning their claim to fame during the early years of my college career (1960-1963)
  • Planes flying into the World Trade Center
  • The tsunami
  • Meeting David Hawkins and his scientists colleagues from Los Alamos Manhattan Atomic Bomb who now devoted some of their time to helping teachers engage kids in science
  • Spending so much time with David Hawkins
  • Meeting Frank Oppenheimer, brother of Robert, in SF when he had just opened The Exploratorium
  • Pussycats in my life - Joseph, Spotty, Tiger, Twitch, Daisy, The Fella, Theodore, Matilda, and, currently, Bertie and Fiona 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My, how I love the beautiful ever-changing clouds that fill up my sky

 I am so lucky. I get such wonderful views of the skies back and front of my home. 
Here are some of the clouds I have seen when I had my camera available. Enjoy.

Love this shape.......:)